Hosted by: MrsCardiology
Title: Mrs. Cardiology, Heart Attack, Indigestion or the Blues?
Time: 08/14/2013 08:30 AM EDT
Episode Notes: Today MrsCardiology discusses WOMEN’S HEART DISEASE SYMPTOMS. Joanne Quinn-Smith quadruple by pass surgery SURVIVOR and THRIVER tells how men and women are just plain different in their symptoms. Why women think they are indestructible! How women can guard their hearts not from predatory members of the opposite sex but from a silent killer that most women never know is sneaking up on them for years……..Learn what she has done and continues to do to recover and thrive from what could have been a massive heart attack or even Cardiac Arrest.


On January 7, 2009, a sixty year old woman stepped out of her home on an unseasonably warm day onto a patch of ice and began to have chest

Indigestion, the Blues or a Heart Attack.  You NEED to be sure.

Indigestion, the Blues or a Heart Attack. You NEED to be sure.

pains.  She had these before but only after eating and had been prescribed stomach medication which had worked for almost a year.  This day, Joanne Quinn-Smith ran about her business including meeting with a business associate and the chest pains continued off and on all day and into the evening. She went through her energizer bunny day acting like what she had was heartburn.

That night her adult son who had briefly come to live with her would not go to his individual apartment on the third floor of her home as he was so concerned.  A friend had told her that if she belched the “gas pains” would go away.

They did not and she had sat watching TV with her son until after midnight belching like a man.  Of course after hours of forcing herself periodically to belch her chest hurt even more.  So she went to her bedroom and did what was probably the most ill advised thing she had ever done in her life, she took a mild sedative to sleep.

In the morning she woke up feeling great and her son would not be placated unless she went to their family doctor. So she drove herself there and had an EKG.  The doctor told her that he thought she had a heart attack and needed to go to the hospital.  Feeling that she was fine, she was going to drive herself.   The doctor begged her to go in an ambulance and she succumbed to his pleadings.  When the paramedics came and did a second EKG they told her that she had not had a heart attack but because of the law they were taking her to the hospital.

Again at the hospital emergency room, the ER doctor told her that she did not have a heart attack but that her heart had changed since she was there in 1981 and would like to “invite” her to spend the night for additional tests.

The attending physician told her the second night after a “slightly” abnormal stress test that they thought that she should have a catherization procedure to make sure she had no blockages.  The evening before the same physician told her and her son that the procedure was purely precautionary as she appeared to be in great health other than being overweight.  Famous last words.

When she woke up the next day after the catherization the administering physician told her that she had five blockages and needed open heart surgery.

In the meantime there were challenges with the procedure because she had an arrhythmia called Wolfe Parkinson White that made the open heart surgery a challenge. She had lived with this condition since she was 19 but never realized that she could have suffered cardiac arrest from it at any time.

Hear her cautionary story for women in her own humorous style but one that will make women think again about symptoms that may be not so benign as they think.

Before Surgery

Before Surgery

one year after surgery

one year after surgery