Every effort toward optimal health needs that satisfaction of knowing that results arrive, come forth, or present as a progressively measurable process.  In the world of nutrition, we know a lot of gurus that teach, espouse, promote the benefits of supplementation.   I stand guilty of hosing people down with information on those advantages because of personal experience. BUT… until now I never knew one could actually measure levels of anti-oxidants in your body!

Any activity in this arena will produce results only if we can create a guide based on the ability to measure and report levels of anti-oxidants.  The Pharmanex Bio-tech scanner is a well hidden secret that I want to shout out to the world about!

Check out the company information site at www.pharmanexmd.com.

– patented technology

– university tested proving more accuracy than blood or urine testing

– non-invasive

– 2 minutes long test

– all data used in further R & D of improving technology

– retest in 6 weeks to see measurable results – good or bad

Scanning available at our office by appointment only… right now… come and get tested!

Call 412-367-9104 and ask for Mrs. Pandit!

More info to come as I digest it and put it in plain English…