Wednesday - October 23, 2019
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Sunita is the wife of Dr. Santosh Pandit and is responsible for running his cardiology office. As the wife of a cardiologist, she has become passionate about combating the “perils of the heart.” Constantly in pursuit of preventive care, she is dedicated to recording her husbands observations on what keeps a heart healthy.

Sunita is also an expert in caring for a severely handicapped child, adolescent and adult. Her son Sachin was born with severe cerebral palsy and mental retardation. She has designed a home that allows her family to live a normal lifestyle while giving excellent care to her severely handicapped adult son.

Sunita has two e-books in progress one on healthy heart care and the other on designing a lifestyle as the caregiver to an individual with handicaps.


• Healthy Nutrition and Cooking for all
• Lifestyle Creation for Caregivers of relatives with Handicaps
• Nuskin Distributor of Anti-Aging Products including the Micro Current Hand Held Galvanic Spa, “the Wrinkle Free Diva”
• Viz VBO – Viz Pur technology allowing for high absorption of Vitamin D, A, E and CoQ10