Wednesday - October 23, 2019
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Gem Moments with Aai

Aai means Mom.

Simple three letter word just like Mom.

It weighs a ton in terms of what it means to everyone! What does it mean to you?

For me Aai means simply ‘Help I need you!’

The need can be just to say”hi!’ or ‘i need your attention so i can give you a hug’

or it may very well go to that extreme of ‘wait till you hear what I heard!’ to ‘How could you?!?!’

Today – Wednesday – middle of the week day – over the hump day – and yet there she did it again and Made My DAY!

Since Aai lost half her stomach to cancer last year, I have tried hard to make sure she eats in a timely fashion [ A happy Aai makes for a Happy Home!]  So today I asked her to sit and eat as I had just made a hot off the open gas flame Indian ‘phulka’ (tortialla).  She says’ No I need to finish the dishes so you don’t have to spend sooooo much time cleaning up!’

For a change I did not argue. She told me that when she loads the dishwasher the dishes come out clean (because she washes everything first!) and that she knows that I have my own methodolgy to loading the dishwasher.

So I started telling her how I stand up the plastic lids first and then stack the glasses…. and she retorts typically… ‘ Are you trying to teach me how to load this dishwasher?’  Instead of shutting up or the usual arguing, I changed tactics and simply asked her that ‘After all these years of listening to you teach me, don’t you want to know that I have learned from you on how to teach?’

This would have absolutely landed me in the dog house normally, but she actually laughed at my intelligence…… Go Figure….I think it is the Vitality she is popping everyday now!

Her is to Aai’s all over the world… you all sound alike and look alike and stop telling us ‘wait till you have kids!’ because I do have kids and my mother is doing a fine job of raising them!

More to come!