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Wouldn’t it be nice to add three superpowers to your clients sessions and have your clients look forward to implementing them at home?

Many practitioners struggle with getting clients to comply with Rx/homework that will really make a difference.

We know this is a weakness… and we know how to do something about it.

Introducing beautiful wearable protection, that helps your body listen, receive and create the conditions to give your cells Life energy and it adds three superpowers by using your present technology.


Your body can and will send electromagnetic information.

It works like this… 
An energy protective inner lining that evolved out of space suit technology to keep the astronauts and cosmonauts from harm is married to luxurious soft and warm pashmina & silk materials.

This beautiful wrap creates a warm cozy protective healing cocoon that deflects harmful EMF and cancer causing waves away, and reflects your inner energies back to you so they accumulate, and recharge your own biological battery.

Our wrap gives feedback to your nervous system so circulation is improved, muscles relax in the nurturing warmth and your own body’s healing mechanisms are being activated to correct imbalances.


Superpower #1 Protection:

The inner layer acts as a reflective shield to create a cocoon to protect your cells from the ravages of dangerous, zapping and cancer causing fields in the environment all around us.

Imagine an umbrella which ordinarily keeps off the rain, the protective pashmina keeps off dangerous electromagnetic currents.

Super Power #2 Reflection:

Your body’s own energy gets mirrored back and receptor sites in your skin and glands now have feedback and information to correct imbalances. In as little as 5 minutes of feedback correction circulation improves, cool spots get warmer and hot spots get cooler and as a result, lymphatic circulation in the body improves.

Imagine if you will those shields for your windshield that purport to keep the car cool. Only the Pashmina pulls the energy in.

Super Power #3 Energy Accumulation:

As you are being protected an electrical charge is accumulated and heightened on your skin surface and directly in the cells recharging your body’s biological battery, stimulating the autonomic nervous system and enhancing metabolic functions.

This protective shield also gathers and traps your body’s own thermal heat which is similar to the effect of a gentle infra-red sauna. Skin temperatures can increase by 1-7 degrees, which is more than enough to lessen and even stop a migraine in it’s path. What’s more this subtle rise in temperature will thoroughly warm notoriously cold hands and feet.

Wrap yourself into a warm beautiful protective healing cocoon developed to reflect, protect, revive, regenerate and restore even the most tired, stressed or ailing body.

All you have to do is wrap your client while you are in session with them, and recommend that they take it home for one week, to see and experience the changes.

The changes are verifiable with your software, and also your clients will notice the changes usually right away. 78% of our clients purchase or rent the Wraps / Blankets after the first week. This adds weekly and even daily cash flow richness to your practice.

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Doc David Gawain


Doc David Has extensive experience teaching Low Level Laser Therapy across North America since 2001, worked closely with Dr. Lytle with Dental Proprioception and the then newly introduced Q1000.David Finsterle-Gawain, D.N.M., Pioneer, Innovator, Doctor of Natural Medicine – D.N.M. is the Designation received in 2004



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