Mrs, Cardiology and husband Santosh Pandit


Mrs. Cardiology–Heart Tips Not Tricks, Lifestyle Change to Avoid Transplant

Chris Downs of on his birthday recounts how he changed his lifestyle to avoid a heart transplant. Is there such a thing as heart disease symptom reversal? Dean Ornish writes about it and Chris Downs–LIVES it. We talk to him on his Re-Birthday on Mrs. Cardiology–Heart Tips not Tricks, premiere episode.

Indigestion, the Blues or a Heart Attack. You NEED to be sure.

Indigestion, the Blues or a Heart Attack. You NEED to be sure.


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It took Mrs. Cardiology several months from this point to decide that life happens when you are trying to get things accomplished for your business.  So at this point she hired Joanne Quinn-Smith aka TechnoGranny to produce her show for her, lining up her editorial calendar with topics and guests, doing the research and moderating the show.  This is when they sort of became like Ed Mc Mahon and Johnny Carson of the original The Tonight Show .   Mrs. Cardiology then decided on a series of shows that seemed to align themselves with her “fireside chats” which were never really actually fireside but at home conversations with her cardiologist husband, Dr. Santosh Pandit.


Mrs. Cardiology, 12 Things You Can You Learn from a Cardiologists Wife                             

Dr. Santosh Pandit and Sunita Pandit

Dr. Santosh Pandit and Sunita Pandit


Hear what wisdom you will be getting from Mrs. Cardiology, Sunita Pandit, Straight from her Cardiologist husband, Dr. Santosh

Pandit……Everything from Nutrition to and Lifestyle to Recreation and Relationships…..Mrs. Cardiology will be interviewed by her producer, Joanne Quinn-Smith, aka TechnoGranny about her mission and goals for the Mrs. Cardiology Talkcast Series….You won’t have to wonder anymore about the 12 Plus Things You Can Learn from a Cardiologist’s Wife.

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Mrs. Cardiology, Heart Attack, Indigestion or the Blues?

Today Mrs. Cardiology discusses WOMEN’S HEART DISEASE SYMPTOMS. Joanne Quinn-Smith quadruple bypass surgery woman's heart and lips whiteSMALLSURVIVOR and THRIVER tells how men and women are just plain different in their symptoms. Why women think they are indestructible! How women can guard their hearts not from predatory members of the opposite sex but from a silent killer that most women never know is sneaking up on them for years……..Learn what she has done and continues to do to recover and thrive from what could have been a massive heart attack or even Cardiac Arrest.

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08/22/2013 Begin Series Format for Shows

Mrs. Cardiology, 5 Reasons to Know Your Antioxidant Scores

What is an antioxidant? An antioxidant is a molecule that inhibits the oxidation of other molecules. Oxidation is a chemical

New meaning to eating your vegetables!

New meaning to eating your vegetables!

reaction that transfers electrons or hydrogen from a substance to an oxidizing agent. Oxidation reactions can produce free radicals. In turn, these radicals can start chain reactions. When the chain reaction occurs in a cell, it can cause damage or death to the cell. Antioxidants terminate these chain reactions by removing free radical intermediates, and inhibit other oxidation reactions. They do this by being oxidized themselves, so antioxidants are often reducing agents such as thiols, ascorbic acid, or polyphenols. In plain English as Mrs. Cardiology will break it down for you, free radicals are directly linked by current medical research to such diseases as cancer and heart disease. Antioxidants are the militia to fight free radicals and you need to know your score to see how effective your army of antioxidants is. This is just one of the reasons of the 5 Reasons to Know Your Antioxidant Score.

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biophotonic scannerMrs. Cardiology–The Nutritional Lie Detector Test

YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT…..SO DO NOT BE FAST, CHEAP, EASY OR FAKE! The Biophotonic Scanner from Pharmanex MD is the nutritional lie detector test and it will tell on you IN 90 SECONDS! Hear how it works and never assume that you Doctor unless he is Dr. Oz has a better antioxidant score than yours. Hear how one patient changed her lifestyle and when tested had a better anti-oxidant level than her cardiologist……Also hear the superhero story anti-oxidants play in the fight against cancer and heart disease……Is your anti-oxidant story the stuff of superheroes or is a tragedy that you won’t want to talk about???

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Mrs. Cardiology, Beneficial Effects of Antioxidants on Biochemistry of Aging

Why Antioxidants Can Keep You From Getting Old!

Why Antioxidants Can Keep You From Getting Old!

Someone once said, “Getting old is not for the faint of heart.”From menopause to Parkinson’s disease, basic cellular changes and arteriosclerosis, antioxidants can literally be a life safer and there is evidence to prove it. Information today from the US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health. Also a guest case study who found antioxidants helpful for both menopause and an injury sustained after menopause. Listen in to here the Beneficial Effects of Antioxidants on the Biochemistry of Aging.

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Save Money, Save Your Health

Save Money, Save Your Health


Mrs. Cardiology–Five Ways to Save Money & Health with Antioxidants

Today Mrs. Cardiology discusses the ways to save money and your health with antioxidants: Doctors bills, Prescription costs, Time off with or without pay, lost time in school, lost time at work.  Our guest today, Donna Bochow is a Med Spa Consultant and VP of the United Aesthetics Organization in Arizona…….She has studied Massage Therapy at the Massage School of Santa Monica in California specializing in Preventative Skin Care, Nutrition, Structural Body Work & Overall Wellness……She facilitates curriculums and turnkey anti aging programs for the healthcare and spa professionals and implements innovative technologies and products into their practices. She has firsthand knowledge of the Ways to Save Money & Health with Antioxidants.

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Omega Rich Salmon

Omega Rich Salmon

Mrs. Cardiology, 5 Reasons Omega 3 Fatty Acids are Essential to Good Health

Omega-3 fatty acids may decrease triglycerides, lower blood pressure, reduce blood clotting, boost immunity and improve arthritis symptoms, and in children may improve learning ability. New studies also show that Omega 3’s may help in Averting Arrhythmias.

Hear About Omega 3 Fatty Acids

Series on Co-Enzyme Q-10


Mrs. Cardiology–19 Plus Diseases May Benefit from Coenzyme-Q-10 Therapy

Information you need to know about the anti-oxidant Co-Enzyme Q-10 and the role research determines it may play in 19 plus diseases. This is the overview portion of series to explore the research on Co-Enzyme Q-10. The research on benefits for various diseases included: muscles challenges from statin use. There is so much research this will be a 3 part program.

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Feed your brain properly!

Feed your brain properly!



Mrs. Cardiology, Co Enzyme Q-10 

Neurological and Movement Disorders May Benefit from Co-Enzyme Q-10 Therapy. This includes such movement disorders as Parkinson, Essential tremor, Dystonia, Huntington’s disease, Myoclonos, Ataxia……Georgetown University Hospital neurologists and neurosurgeons are on the forefront of research about Movement Disorders……Heart Failure Association of the European Society of Cardiology says CoQ10 halved the risk of a major adverse cardiovascular event…..Also Co-Q-10 Reduces need for coritcosteroids in Asthma.

Learn Benefits Neurological & Heart Health



Mrs. Cardiology, Sunita Pandit

Mrs. Cardiology, Sunita Pandit

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