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Mrs. Cardiology,12 Things You Can You Learn from a Cardiologists Wife
08/07/2013 08:00 AM EDT
Episode Notes:Hear what wisdom you will be getting from Mrs.Cardiology, Sunita Pandit, Straight from her Cardiologist husband, Dr. Santosh Pandit……Everything from Nutrition to and Lifestyle to Recreation and Relationships…..Mrs. Cardiology will be interviewed by her producer, Joanne Quinn-Smith, aka TechnoGranny about her mission and goals for the Mrs. Cardiology Talkcast Series….You won’t have to wonder anymore about the 12 Plus Things You Can Learn from a Cardiologist’s Wife.


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I am the practice manager for Dr. Santosh Pandit, private cardiology practice in the North Hills of

Dr. Santosh Pandit and Sunita Pandit

Dr. Santosh Pandit and Sunita Pandit

Pittsburgh, Pa. Also as the wife of a cardiologist, I am passionate about combating the “perils of the heart.” Constantly in pursuit of preventive care, I am dedicated to recording my husband’s observations on what keeps a heart healthy.
I have 32 years experience in caring for a severely handicapped child, adolescent and adult. My son Sachin was born with severe cerebral palsy and mental retardation. I have designed our home that allows my family to live a normal lifestyle while giving excellent care to her severely handicapped adult son. Those designs are soon to be available on here:
I have two e-books in progress one on healthy heart care and the other on designing a lifestyle as the caregiver to an individual with handicaps.
• Healthy Nutrition and Cooking for all
• Lifestyle Creation for Caregivers of relatives with Handicaps
• Nuskin Distributor of Anti-Aging Products including the Micro Current Hand Held Galvanic Spa, “the Wrinkle Free Diva”
• Viz VBO – Viz Pur technology allowing for high absorbtion of Vitamin D, A, E and CoQ10
• Therapeutic Essential Oil Massage with Doterra Essential Oils
• Relaxation and Stress Relief
• Nutrition and Supplements Balance with regular antioxidant scanning
• Alternative Health Care Resource

Mrs. Cardiology Show Description
After 30 years of wedded arranged marriage bliss to Dr. Santosh Pandit, my ‘fireside conversations’ with him has convinced me that there is much more to cardiology care than any doctor can possibly cover in the average fifteen minute consultation.
The personal experience of having taken care of my father with Congestive Heart Failure more than 10 years ago left me helpless in understanding and knowing how to help him. Today I know more that I certainly wish I knew back then.
So I embark on my personal adventure to address that somewhat overwhelming world of cardiac education and I like presenting in plain English! I welcome questions to clarify what I present here in my blog.
Behind every Doctor’s white coat facade churns a world of untapped education that the layperson or would be patient needs to hear in pure unadulterated everyday language. That’s my mission to let you know of the insights thatI have garnered and the mysteries that I can uncover for you about the “perils of the heart.”
These are some of the things from my “fireside” conversations that I will write about that have practical implications.prescription pad
• Nutrition
• Lifestyle
• Laughter
• Food
• Stress
• Exercise
• Fresh Air
• Sunshine
• Recreation
• Relationships
I will also talk about cardiology buzz words in plain English. This blog is not designed to help cure any illnesses or dispense any medical advice. I will also provide resources that can help you in your search for clarity and explanations. Watch for future blog posts:
MRSCSTETHESCOPECROP• Technology – what, why, how, where, and when
• Prescription from Dr. Pandit: Kick your husband out to play golf!
• Common Sense Cardiology
• 10 Healthy Heart Tips (probably more)
• Is it just your heart or are there more problems?

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Sunita Pandit is the practice manager for Dr. Santosh Pandit in the North Hills of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She is the host of Mrs. Cardiology–Heart Tips Not Tricks which you can hear at: